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Your garage door provides more protection than you probably realize. It keeps your vehicles, tools, and other valuables secure as well as acts as a physical barrier against intruders. It also keeps severe weather from causing serious damage to your personal property. Not having your garage door working as it should leave you with a feeling of vulnerability. It makes matters worse when you call for emergency help and get a recording telling you to call back later.

You should feel safe and secure in all areas of your home, including the garage. It is our privilege to repair your garage door or install a new one for you. We understand that everyone needs a safe place to call their own. When our professional journeymen arrive, they come prepared with the tools they will need to get your garage door functioning again as soon as possible. We know that time is of the essence.

Galaxy Garage Door Service enjoys being part of the local community. We have served commercial and residential customers here for many years and plan to be here indefinitely. Our technicians are always willing to travel a reasonable amount of distance in Chevy Chase, MD to help a client in need. We know that every garage door is unique in its size, shape, style, and repair requirements. That is why we always come prepared for any situation.


If you don’t already have a weatherstripping seal around your garage door, we highly recommend that you have us complete this task for you. Weatherstripping fills in small gaps that allow heat and cool air to escape and moisture to invade. Sealing these gaps improves the energy efficiency in your garage because the uncomfortable temperatures don’t seep into your home or business structure. This simple step can save you considerable money on your utility bill.

In addition to energy savings, weatherstripping makes it more comfortable to spend time in your garage. Another important benefit is that it keeps problems like corrosion and mold at bay. For such a quick and inexpensive procedure, the benefits of weatherstripping far outweigh its cost.