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When a part goes bad with a garage door, there’s no such thing as a minor repair. That it because one mechanical parts affects the functioning of all the other ones. We encourage you to contact Galaxy Garage Door Service right away if you notice a difference in the performance of your garage door or something just doesn’t look right. Our technicians will arrive promptly to determine the cause of the problem and fix it right then and there.

Before we even get to your home or business location, we are thinking of how we can surpass the expectations you have for the service call. For us, simply meeting your expectations is not enough. We want to leave you feeling happy and surprised at the quality of our service. If a mistake or oversight should happen, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention. We are always interested in knowing how we can do better.

Garage Door Inspections 

A garage door goes up and down so quickly that it’s hard to believe all of the complex mechanical functions that must take place in order for it to work correctly. Garage doors in modern times operate thanks to the detailed interactions between dozens of mechanical components. Like every other type of product, garage door parts can wear out or break after many years of heavy use. When that happens to you, it’s nice to know that you can reach us 24 hours a day for prompt repair help. Further, we serves people in all areas of Chevy Chase, MD.

The best way to avoid an urgent situation with your garage door is to have us inspect it at least once a year. During our inspection, we check the pulleys, tracks, cables, wires, the remote control, and anything else that has to do with the operation of your garage door. At the end of our inspection, we provide you with a written report outlining any problems and stating our recommendations. We encourage you to follow-up as soon as possible with any repair issues we identify.

Damaged Doors

It can be difficult to look at a damaged garage door, but that’s really the least of your problems. A garage door that has been crashed into, vandalized, or damaged by severe weather probably doesn’t open and close like it should. No matter what the cause of the damage, Galaxy Garage Door Service will help you return to normal as quickly as possible. After determining the extent of the damage by phone, our service technicians arrive ready to eliminate the evidence of it for good.

Garage Doors That Won't Track

A garage door track is a long column that holds the wheels attached to the top of your garage door. A variety of situations can cause the door to come loose from the tracks, including normal wear and tear and the effects of very hot or cold temperatures. Sometimes a foreign object, such as a tennis ball or a stick from a tree, gets caught in the tracks and makes them get out of balance. Please contact Galaxy Garage Door Service right away if you notice this and don’t attempt to repair the tracks on your own.

It seems like putting the wheels of your garage door back on their tracks would be simple, but it’s not. If you don’t get it just right, the garage door could fall on top of you. You could also cause further damage that will be more expensive to fix than it would have been if you had contacted our company first. We do understand that you’re anxious for the problem to be fixed, which is why we are available to you at all hours.

The weight of your garage door must equal the strength and tension of its springs for it to operate continuously and safely. That means that a garage door weighing 200 pounds requires springs that can withstand 200 pounds or more. It could be a disaster waiting to happen if the springs cannot hold that amount of tension. We will calculate the weight ratio when you contact us for repairs or routine maintenance.