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The Galaxy Garage Door Service Code of Excellence 

Galaxy Garage Door Service Chevy Chase, MD 301-683-7463At Galaxy Garage Door Service, we are all about quality products and exceptional service. We guarantee that our new garage doors, parts, and accessories will be free from defect and made with the highest quality of materials. Our entire organization embraces a service mentality that pushes us to do more for our customers than they could possibly expect. We aim for complete satisfaction in everything we do, even if it comes at our own expense.

Some garage door repair and installation companies around Chevy Chase, MD act like their time is the only thing that matters. You schedule an appointment, yet get a service window of up to eight hours. This may require you to take time off work to wait for someone to show up. Emergency or not, we don’t think that is any way to do business. Galaxy Garage Door Service understands that your time is valuable and we don’t waste it. We let you know exactly when we will be there, and it’s usually faster than people expect.

In addition to being timely, we are also fast and efficient. We have worked on thousands of residential and commercial garage doors over the years and have developed a set of best practices. We still realize that each job is unique and requires thorough troubleshooting before we start any work. Although we are definitely speedy, our technicians never rush through a job just to get done at a certain time. Quality always comes before quantity.

If your garage is the main point of entry and the door is not working properly, you need a service company that is willing to help you right away. Galaxy Garage Door Service is just such a company in Chevy Chase, MD. We understand that you can’t be locked out of your own home or place of business for very long. That is why we dispatch technicians to your location within minutes of your call to us. It seems that these things happen most often at the worst possible time.

Our company is always available to inspect your garage door, whether we were the ones to originally install it or not. Regular inspection and maintenance is essential to catch problems early, such as worn parts that may cause the garage door to suddenly crash to the ground. We let you know what needs more work and then schedule a follow-up appointment to fix it. Our technicians repair any minor issues in the same appointment. Lastly, we provide you with a written report of the inspection for your records.

Skills You Can Count On

The journeymen employed by Galaxy Garage Door Service have exceptional skills already, but all of them seek continuing industry education nonetheless. Our employees can expertly diagnose and repair any type of problem with a garage door, regardless of make or model. This is also true of garage door openers and other types of paraphernalia. Keeping current with industry trends means that we are able to offer you the highest quality of service at all times.

Whether you are interested in new garage door installation or are dealing with an emergency garage door repair situation, our service personnel have the skills to help. They enjoy the personal satisfaction of helping others, especially in desperate situations when no one else is available. We are proud of our journeymen for continually pushing themselves to learn more and perform better.

What appears to be an emergency with a garage door for one person seems more routine to another. We always prefer that you error the side of caution for your own safety and the safety of those who depend on you. If you have a broken lift mechanism, a tracking problem, or worn springs, we want to know about it. It doesn’t matter what day or time you call us to request our assistance.

With garage door emergencies, it’s impossible to predict what parts or services you might need from a single phone call. This is the reason we keep so many extra parts on hand. Because we do value your time, we want to be able to complete our work in one session if possible. You’re also free to ask your service technician about other products you may want to add, such as a keypad security system to replace your garage door keys.